SPONSORS and donors

The Mendocino Coast Writers’ Conference is brought to you by an entirely volunteer board and a dedicated volunteer staff. Despite all this donated time, our annual endeavor would not be possible without our invaluable sponsors and donors. If you would like to join their proud and much-appreciated ranks—board, volunteer, sponsor, or donor, please contact Ginny Rorby, President, at president@mcwc.org.




Ginny Rorby
Clay Craig
Julia Sherwin and Michael Haddad
Pat Dunbar
Marion Deeds
James Tarbell
Doug and Claire Fortier
Anne Eaton-Kemp
Susan and George Bono
Bruce S. Rogow
Michael and Teresa Connelly
Norma Watkins and Les Cizek
Ginny Reed
Lynne and Elliott Smith
Katy Pye
Kate Erickson
Nona Smith and Art Weininger

Meg Courtney
Joy and Devadutta Laskar
Julie Masterson
Catherine Marshall
Karen Voorhees
Mary Willoughby
Linda Rosengarten
Tony and Maureen Eppstein
David and Linda Welter
Bronwyn and Bob Rhoades
Agatha Hinman
Chrissy Sullivan and Thomas Grattan
Mark and Deena Zarlin
Joe Williams
William Baker and Anne Gould
Jane Armbruster and Malcolm M. Davis

Business donors

Housing donors

Barbara Auerbach and Jim Corsar
Becky and Win Bowen
Jeannette Boyer
Shirin Bridges
Tansy Chapman
Pat Dunbar
Claire Ellis and Chuck Greenberg
Maureen and Tony Eppstein
Bill and Gwen Jacobson
Heather Litton

Gene and Susan Lock
Mel and Susan McKinney
Bob and Bronwyn Rhoades
Don and Wendy Roberts
Colleen and Donald Shephard
Carol Wilder and Robin Serrahn
Mary Willoughby
Irv and Rosalie Winesuff
Angela and William Young

Become a Partner

We welcome—no, beg—for any help we can get. If you are in the position to help us with donations of time, money, or goods or services in kind, please submit the form below or email our president, Ginny Rorby, at president@mcwc.org.