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Join publishing guru Jane Friedman, author of The Business of Being a Writer, on Sunday, August 5th, 10am to 4pm, to learn how the publishing industry works in the digital age. Should you self-publish or pursue a more traditional path? How can you develop an author’s platform in an authentic way that fits your strengths and personality? In this full-day workshop you’ll learn how to use the many new tools and services available to writers. The first part of the day will cover the nuts and bolts of getting published, while the second half will look at the foundational strategies that govern authors’ platforms, with specific advice on author websites, blogs, email newsletters, and social media.  You need not be registered for the MCWC 2018 conference to attend the Publishing Bootcamp. 

The bootcamp will cover these areas in depth:

  • How to Get Your Book Published: Traditional and Indie Paths. Learn how to research markets, write query letters, and contact agents—and what it takes to attract a New York publisher. We’ll then break down the basics of the self-publishing landscape, with a clear and unbiased look at the best and most important retailers and services for indie authors. We’ll also discuss what’s involved in marketing and promoting self-published titles and ebooks.

  • The Art and Business of Platform: A Working Philosophy and Approach. Writers are often baffled by platform because it’s seen as a marketing and promotion mindset—antithetical to the artist mindset. However, there is a way to approach platform that isn’t about selling, but rather understanding human behavior—including your own! You’ll learn what it means to have a focused, consistent and meaningful effort over a long period of time, in way that doesn’t exhaust you, but leads to finding high-quality readers who love what you do.

  • Best Practices for Author Websites, Email, and Social Media. Whether your website and social media accounts are one day old or ten years old, you want to make sure the effort and resources that you put in will pay off with more readers, more sales, and more opportunities for your career. Learn about best practices for design and content, the most important areas to focus on, and strategies for growth. We’ll also touch on the basics of search engine optimization. Rather than being driven by trends (or what your friends are doing), we’ll look at how you can make the best decision for you when it comes to digital media use.

And, if you want to see your writing and publishing activity pay off, then it requires some high-level and strategic thinking about whom that writing is meant to reach and whom you want to attract over the long term. This bootcamp will look at strategies and principles for producing and publishing work in a way that’s productive and monetizable—and how to think beyond the book and see the different ways you can deliver your writing to readers.