noyo river review

The stories, poems, and essays collected here celebrate what writers can accomplish in a supportive community. I hope these echoes of MCWC 2017 will inspire you to join us and other dedicated writers in 2018 and beyond. But more importantly, the pieces featured in this issue bring to light the kind of tolerance and compassion that seem, to many of us, in increasingly short supply. They remind me that, in the words of Norman Mailer, “the final purpose of art is to intensify, even, if necessary, to exacerbate, the moral consciousness of people.” 

Susan Bono



Sandy Scull     Out to Pasture
                         When the Wind
                         When Someone Close Dies

Jonathan Cardew     Jus’ Fulking

Cameron Lund     Practice Makes Perfect

Charane Sirrine     From Behind the Redwood Curtain: A                                          Memoir

Robyn T. Murphy     The Grief Jacket
                                  How We Lay There

Roy Dufrain     The Blues & Billie Armstrong

Marion Deeds     Littoral Zone

Margaret Speaker Yuan     Prodigy

Christy Scollin     Our Journey to Mount Whitney: A Memoir

Agatha Hinman     Drought Summer

Helena Kim     Between
                         Winter Sea

                         Water Ceremony 

Sean McNie     Whos Walt?   

Aron Lee Bowe     My Three Franken-Fems

Rosi Hollinbeck     The Incredible Journey of Freddy J.

Donna Banta     Still Life

Robin Michel     Grief's Proximity
                           Still Life in Changing Landscape

                           In the Morning After Marital Peace is                                         Restored


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