noyo river review

The stories, poems, and essays collected here celebrate what writers can accomplish in a supportive community. I hope these echoes of MCWC 2016 will inspire you to join us and other dedicated writers in 2017 and beyond. But more importantly, the pieces featured in this issue bring to light the kind of tolerance and compassion that seem, to many of us, in increasingly short supply. They remind me that, in the words of Norman Mailer, “the final purpose of art is to intensify, even, if necessary, to exacerbate, the moral consciousness of people.” 

Susan Bono


Frieda Feen     Buy Socks

Brenna Silbory     Crossing Off

Terri Nicholson     Lost in Translation

Jan M. Flynn     The Moon Ran After Her

A.E. Conran     Jonah’s Crossing  

Barbara Link     Montana Wheat Field

Valerie Stoller     Tender Roots

Laura Burke     Honey, Do You Want a Gun?

Jane Armbruster     Peasant Stock

Mike Winn    Father’s Day with the Greatest

Joycelyn Trigg     My Mother’s Baptism 

Carole Stivers     The Sixth Pillar   

Anne Da Vigo     Bakersfield Boys Club

Mary Beth O’Connor     I Never Said No

Nancy Smith Harris     Baltimore

Natasha Yim     Li Jin and the Nine Dragon Scroll

Karin Fitzgerald     Fade to Orange and Black

Hunter Gagnon    The Shooting of New New Holt

Devi S. Laskar     Dissection
                             What Namaste Really Means

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