noyo river review

It’s time to applaud the authors featured in the seventh issue of the Noyo River Review. To earn their place in print, our writers subjected themselves and their manuscripts to the trials of composing, workshopping, submitting, editing, and revising. At long last, their voices have emerged from the roar of unarticulated experience to become part of a larger conversation. Join us in the celebration!

Susan Bono

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Janferie Stone Navarro Beaching, Redwood Turning

Anniqua Rana The Shrine of Sain Makhianwala

Sue Granzella Second Chance

Jamie Moore Catching the Spirit

Jennifer Swanton Brown Lonnie, In Room 212, Manic Lyric

Douglas Sovern Indira

Julia Halprin Jackson The Bridge

Gene Lock Once More, with Feeling

Laurie Skiba O Holy Night

Gail Ansel Jenn & Polly

Earlene Gleisner Frostbitten Meadow

Isabel Auerbach Sweet

Nicole R. Zimmerman Double Life

Ann Voorhees Baker Change of Lanes

Jen Burke Anderson Dearest, the Shadows

Bill Brashears She Wasn’t Very Pretty

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