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Join editor Hilary Lawson and marketer Ann Edwards from HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, for our second annual Publishing Bootcamp, offered as an add-on or stand-alone day after the conference, on Sunday, August 6th.

Together, Hilary and Ann will give you insight into how a Big Five publisher evaluates and markets its authors and titles—and how you can give yourselves an edge when approaching them.

Hilary will give you a practical how-to on drafting a book proposal and approaching publishers. This will include the ins and outs of choosing and working with agents, from the editor’s point of view.

Ann will talk about how you can build your personal brand, including tips and tricks for social media, and what makes a good author website. She’ll shed light on why you should start your brand-building now, before you submit, and how that work might continue post-launch.

Attendance is capped at 40, so sign up early!